Higashitakikawa station's land price (東滝川駅の地価)

JR Nemuro Honsen ( Takigawa ~ Shintoku ) Higashitakikawa Station (Hokkaidou Takikawashi) does not have land market value price data.

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Information about other stations on JR Nemuro Honsen ( Takigawa ~ Shintoku )

Takigawa Station8,100 yen / m²
Akabira Station3,900 yen / m²
Moshiri Station7,000 yen / m²
Hiragishi Station6,700 yen / m²
Ashibetsu Station7,700 yen / m²
Kamiashibetsu Station8,350 yen / m²
Nokanan Station-
Shimanoshita Station18,400 yen / m²
Furano Station21,700 yen / m²
Nunobe Station-
Yamabe Station-
Shimokanayama Station1,080 yen / m²
Kanayama Station1,250 yen / m²
Higashishikagoe Station-
Ikutora Station4,200 yen / m²
Ochiai Station-
Shintoku Station8,200 yen / m²