Hongou station's land price (本郷駅の地価)

JR Sanyou Honsen ( Mihara ~ Iwakuni ) Hongou Station (Hiroshimaken Miharashi) does not have land market value price data.

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Information about other stations on JR Sanyou Honsen ( Mihara ~ Iwakuni )

Mihara Station50,350 yen / m²
Kawauchi Station17,900 yen / m²
Irino Station21,900 yen / m²
Shiraichi Station25,500 yen / m²
Nishitakaya Station27,800 yen / m²
Saijou Station112,000 yen / m²
Hachihonmatsu Station52,400 yen / m²
Seno Station-
Nakanohigashi Station72,800 yen / m²
Akinakano Station122,500 yen / m²
Kaitaichi Station132,000 yen / m²
Kouyou Station156,000 yen / m²
Tenjingawa Station160,500 yen / m²
Hiroshima Station165,000 yen / m²
Yokokawa Station197,500 yen / m²
Nishihiroshima Station15,700 yen / m²
Shininokuchi Station107,000 yen / m²
Itsukaichi Station107,000 yen / m²
Hatsukaichi Station75,500 yen / m²
Miyauchikushido Station87,000 yen / m²
Ajina Station66,900 yen / m²
Miyajimaguchi Station66,900 yen / m²
Maezora Station57,200 yen / m²
Oonoura Station49,350 yen / m²
Kuba Station57,500 yen / m²
Ootake Station63,000 yen / m²
Iwakuni Station53,300 yen / m²
Waki Station63,000 yen / m²
Shin Shiroshima Station197,500 yen / m²