Tsunomori station's land price (津ノ森駅の地価)

Kitamatsue Line Tsunomori Station (Shimaneken Matsueshi) does not have land market value price data.

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Information about other stations on Kitamatsue Line

Dentetsu Izumoshi Station45,900 yen / m²
Izumokagakukanpaakutaunmae Station47,500 yen / m²
Oozumachi Station73,400 yen / m²
Takeshi Station45,750 yen / m²
Kawato Station49,100 yen / m²
Ootera Station37,850 yen / m²
Bidan Station26,600 yen / m²
Tabushi Station30,900 yen / m²
Unshuuhirata Station30,900 yen / m²
Nunozaki Station32,400 yen / m²
Koyuukanshineki Station30,600 yen / m²
En Station-
Ichibataguchi Station-
Inonada Station-
Takanomiya Station-
Matsuefoogerupaaku Station11,400 yen / m²
Aikamachi Station11,400 yen / m²
Nagae Station11,400 yen / m²
Asahigaoka Station11,400 yen / m²
Matsueingurisshugaadenmae Station78,000 yen / m²
Matsueshinjikoon Line Station46,150 yen / m²