Chuushou Ya station's land price (中小屋駅の地価)

JR Sasshou Line Chuushou Ya Station (Hokkaidou Ishikarigun Toubetsuchou) does not have land market value price data.

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Information about other stations on JR Sasshou Line

Sapporo Station88,500 yen / m²
Souen Station76,000 yen / m²
Hachi Ken Station73,500 yen / m²
Shinkawa Station66,500 yen / m²
Shinkotoni Station64,250 yen / m²
Taihei Station62,000 yen / m²
Yurigahara Station42,850 yen / m²
Shinoro Station34,300 yen / m²
Takuhoku Station34,150 yen / m²
Ainosatokyouikudai Station34,000 yen / m²
Ainosatokouen Station20,400 yen / m²
Ishikarifutomi Station27,800 yen / m²
Ishikaritoubetsu Station11,300 yen / m²
Hokkaidouiryoudaigaku Station11,300 yen / m²
Ishikarikanazawa Station-
Motonakagoya Station-
Tsukigaoka Station-
Chiraiotsu Station5,800 yen / m²
Ishikaritsukigata Station5,800 yen / m²
Toyogaoka Station-
Sappinai Station-
Osokinai Station1,400 yen / m²
Satsu Teki Station3,900 yen / m²
Urausu Station3,900 yen / m²
Tsurunuma Station3,900 yen / m²
Osatsunai Station2,250 yen / m²
Minamishimotoppu Station2,250 yen / m²
Shimotoppu Station-
Shintotsukawa Station8,050 yen / m²