Sapporoshieichikatetsu Nanboku Line

89,450 yen

The avarage land market price of railway station area on Sapporoshieichikatetsu Nanboku Line (Sapporoshikoutsuukyoku) is 89,450 yen / m².

There are 16 stations on Sapporoshieichikatetsu Nanboku Line, and all stations have land market value price data.
The average of land market value price of Sapporoshieichikatetsu Nanboku Line is 89,450 yen / m². Higher stations are Daitsuu Station (131,750 yen / m²), Nakanoshima Station (129,000 yen / m²) and Horohirabashi Station (119,500 yen / m²).
The average of Land market value price change of stations on Sapporoshieichikatetsu Nanboku Line is -10.63% (decrease).

Asou Station(65,350yen /m²)北34条 Station(73,250yen /m²)北24条 Station(100,000yen /m²)北18条 Station(86,500yen /m²)北12条 Station(92,750yen /m²)Sapporo Station(88,500yen /m²)Daitsuu Station(131,750yen /m²)Susuki No Station(52,700yen /m²)Nakajima Kouen Station(119,000yen /m²)Horohirabashi Station(119,500yen /m²)Nakanoshima Station(129,000yen /m²)Hiragishi Station(79,100yen /m²)Minamihiragishi Station(76,000yen /m²)Sumikawa Station(74,000yen /m²)Jieitai Mae Station(61,600yen /m²)Makomanai Station(82,200yen /m²)

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