The average land market value prices in Adachiku Toukyouto

309,130 yen

There are 23 railway stations in Adachiku Toukyouto. all stations among them have land market value price data.

The average land market value price of railway stations in Adachiku is 309,130 yen / m². The stations which are valued high among them are Kitasenju Station (472,500 yen / m²), Kosuge Station (455,000 yen / m²), Gotanno Station (399,000 yen / m²).
The average land market value price of railway stations in Adachiku has been increasing by +6.74%. The land price in Adachiku has been on a upward trend

Kitasenju Station(472,500 yen / m²)Ayase Station(399,000 yen / m²)Horikiri Station(344,000 yen / m²)Ushida Station(351,500 yen / m²)Kosuge Station(455,000 yen / m²)Gotanno Station(399,000 yen / m²)Umejima Station(320,000 yen / m²)Nishiarai Station(304,000 yen / m²)Takenotsuka Station(272,500 yen / m²)Daishimae Station(264,500 yen / m²)Senjuoohashi Station(386,000 yen / m²)Kitaayase Station(357,000 yen / m²)Aoi Station(372,000 yen / m²)Rokuchou Station(178,000 yen / m²)Adachiodai Station(364,000 yen / m²)Oogioohashi Station(332,000 yen / m²)Takano Station(231,000 yen / m²)Kouhoku Station(236,000 yen / m²)Nishiaraidaishinishi Station(223,000 yen / m²)Yazaike Station(241,000 yen / m²)Tonerikouen Station(231,000 yen / m²)Toneri Station(212,500 yen / m²)Minumadaishinsuikouen Station(164,500 yen / m²)