The average land market value prices in Koutouku Toukyouto

636,096 yen

There are 26 railway stations in Koutouku Toukyouto. all stations among them have land market value price data.

The average land market value price of railway stations in Koutouku is 636,096 yen / m². The stations which are valued high among them are Ariake Station (1,150,000 yen / m²), Shintoyosu Station (1,140,000 yen / m²), Kokusaitenjijouseimon Station (1,140,000 yen / m²).
The average land market value price of railway stations in Koutouku has been decreasing by -1.33%. The land price in Koutouku has been on a downward trend

Kameido Station(379,000 yen / m²)Ecchuujima Station(865,000 yen / m²)Shiomi Station(477,500 yen / m²)Shinkiba Station(385,500 yen / m²)Kameidosuijin Station(379,000 yen / m²)Monzennaka Machi Station(753,000 yen / m²)Kiba Station(509,000 yen / m²)Touyou Machi Station(443,000 yen / m²)Minamisuna Machi Station(360,000 yen / m²)Toyosu Station(1,002,500 yen / m²)Tatsumi Station(600,000 yen / m²)Kiyosumishirakawa Station(504,000 yen / m²)Sumiyoshi Station(427,000 yen / m²)Morishita Station(514,000 yen / m²)Nishioojima Station(362,000 yen / m²)Ooshima Station(358,000 yen / m²)Higashioojima Station(337,000 yen / m²)Funenokagakukan Station(719,000 yen / m²)Terekomusentaa Station(760,500 yen / m²)Aomi Station(744,000 yen / m²)Kokusaitenjijouseimon Station(1,140,000 yen / m²)Ariake Station(1,150,000 yen / m²)Ariaketenisunomori Station(499,500 yen / m²)Shijoumae Station(865,000 yen / m²)Shintoyosu Station(1,140,000 yen / m²)Shinonome Station(865,000 yen / m²)