The average land market value prices in Minatoku Toukyouto

1,965,055 yen

There are 27 railway stations in Minatoku Toukyouto. all stations among them have land market value price data.

The average land market value price of railway stations in Minatoku is 1,965,055 yen / m². The stations which are valued high among them are Toranomon Station (7,940,000 yen / m²), Shinbashi Station (5,360,000 yen / m²), Kamiya Machi Station (3,680,000 yen / m²).
The average land market value price of railway stations in Minatoku has been decreasing by -12.23%. The land price in Minatoku has been on a downward trend

Shinbashi Station(5,360,000 yen / m²)Shinagawa Station(909,500 yen / m²)Hamamatsu Machi Station(1,300,000 yen / m²)Tamachi Station(1,290,000 yen / m²)Sengakuji Station(1,165,000 yen / m²)Toranomon Station(7,940,000 yen / m²)Akasakamitsuke Station(2,305,000 yen / m²)Aoyama Icchoume Station(1,850,000 yen / m²)Gaienmae Station(1,475,000 yen / m²)Omotesandou Station(1,810,000 yen / m²)Kamiya Machi Station(3,680,000 yen / m²)Roppongi Station(2,000,000 yen / m²)Hiroo Station(1,250,000 yen / m²)Nogizaka Station(2,000,000 yen / m²)Roppongiicchoume Station(2,250,000 yen / m²)Mafu Juu Ban Station(1,790,000 yen / m²)Shirokanetakanawa Station(1,235,000 yen / m²)Shirokanedai Station(1,040,000 yen / m²)Akabanebashi Station(1,400,000 yen / m²)Takanawadai Station(1,070,000 yen / m²)Shibakouen Station(2,120,000 yen / m²)Onarimon Station(2,560,000 yen / m²)Takeshiba Station(1,195,000 yen / m²)Hinode Station(1,200,000 yen / m²)Shibaurafutou Station(1,180,000 yen / m²)Odaibakaihinkouen Station(829,500 yen / m²)Daiba Station(852,500 yen / m²)